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I've had a good holiday so far. Korey and I came back to Angola on the 23rd. Before we left Bloomington, my parents gave us a couple early gifts. I also gave mom her's since I figured she might want it for our early morning the next day (I got her nice coffee), and Korey had me open what he got me, too. We went to Fazoli's for dinner before heading to Angola. I'd forgotten that Fazoli's is delicious.

On Christmas Eve we got up stupidly early to go to Chicago for the Christmas market. It was super fun as always and I had gluwein and bratwurst and potato pancakes and chocolate and we bought a whole stollen. We had dinner at Pizza King when we got home. Awesome.

Today we've just been rolling around as is standard. Whenever Korey's family wakes up we'll go over there.

Here's what all I got:

From Korey:
-Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

From parents:
-silly Christmas shirt
-cake pop pan
-fuzzy socks

-Tempur-Pedic pillow
-a bunch of nice socks (some are from Sock Dreams)
-2 pairs of arm warmers from Sock Dreams
-a Lush gift set (2 bath bombs, a bath melt, FUN, and a bar of soap)
-Bath and Body Works handsoaps (sweet cinnamon pumpkin, spice kissed pumpkin, peach bellini)
-Bath and Body Works shower gel and bubble bath (dark kiss and Japanese cherry blossom respectively)
-bamboo steamer
-$25 Papa John's gift card
-$25 Dearden Restaurants gift card (so Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, or Olive Garden)
-Urban Decay eyeshadow primer
-Black Lagoon seasons 1 and 2 blu ray
-Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (just the first 2 discs)
-Girls und Panzer on blu ray
-Pacific Rim on DVD
-a Bailey's gift set with 2 glasses
-candy cane chapstick
-Utena the movie soundtrack
-Hard Candy blue eyeshadow palette
-a metric fuckton of candy including some from DeBrand's

Extended Family:
Nothing yet

Nothing yet

But I did get a cute plush otter from the anime club white elephant.

Also Korey and my parents loved what I got them. I got a Weiss Schwarz booster box and Victoria's Secret cologne for Korey, nice coffee for mom, and an excessively large bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon for dad.

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